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What is SMART-4-Kidz?

SMART-4-Kidz (Stress Management And Relaxation Technique's for Children and Adolescents) is a carefully designed and researched program of yoga-inspired exercises, music, storytelling, and creativity that helps kids deal with the daily stressors that can challenge us all these days.

Overbooked schedules, school issues from testing to homework, peer, parent and family pressures, not to mention daily headlines, put a great burden on the process of development for today's kids. Research has long shown that continued exposure to these types of stress can lead to poor school performance, drop-out, lack of focus, increased gang membership, anti-social behavior and more. But what can be done to help shape kids future? SMART-4-Kidz offers children and adolescents a helping hand to reach their potentials.

Developed from research conducted in Colorado and New York under the auspices of The University of Denver, evidence shows that SMART-4-Kidz is an effective method of improving the well being of children and adolescents. SMART reduces anxiety, and helps create positive self-beliefs in kids who go through the program. Participants feel better about themselves and their abilities, and approach future opportunities with confidence. Kids can become more productive students, contributors to their community, and feel better about their future.

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