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The History Of SMART-4-Kidz

SMART-4-Kidz started as a research project that began with the question, "Can relaxation and meditative techniques help children and adolescents improve the trajectory of their lives?" To answer this question, a team of schoolteachers, yoga instructors and a professional trainer assembled to consider the possibilities. What emerged from these collected talents was a highly regarded after-school program with excellent research outcomes.

As many as 100 normal kids participated in the trials twice weekly classes for 12 or 16 weeks. Pre/post surveys of standard research instruments revealed the effects of being in SMART-4-Kidz. Across diverse situations and neighborhoods in Colorado and New York, participants in SMART-4-Kidz showed the strongest possible statistical indication that it is effective in reducing anxiety in children aged 7 to 16! Their future expectations, what they view their success to be in academic and social domains at a later developmental period, were significantly improved. That is, kids see themselves with greater problem solving abilities, and have improved self-confidence and self-esteem, and the belief that challenges will have a positive outcome. Scores on measures of depression trended positive as did these kids attitudes towards aggression and reporting of aggressive behavior.

At SMART, kids are free just to be kids. Under the guidance of specially trained professional educators, SMART class is a place were a kid knows that he or she is free to participate without judgement and their contributions are embraced. SMART offers a safe haven and a set of positive coping skills that participants take them into their lives, home and future.

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