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One Day Training Session

We'll spend one full day with your instructors (up to 6) and an administrator to get your school on your way to offering Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques to your students. This offering includes the ond day training class curriculum as stated for License, an abridged training manual, does not include marketing or consulting services or “tune-up” or research visits by Michael Portney. These non-included elements can be negotiated on a line by line basis if requested.


Michael Portney will open the session and will speak about:

  • Stress in children: the environment and watch signs
  • The genesis of SMART-4-Kidz
  • Elements of the class
  • Behavior nuance with children in class.
  • Data collection for on-going research
  • Parent/teacher relationships to SMART
  • Follow up visits for quality and questions.

Trainers will take the teachers through

  • Opening warm up movements.
  • Each of the SMART yoga inspired poses.
  • Suggestions to enhance the child’s experience and participation.
  • Breathing exercises and fun configurations for class.
  • Storytelling…the art of, and the inclusion of the child’s input.
  • Cool Down…soothing voices give guided relaxation incorporating the child’s input from the class.
  • Opportunities for adding dance, art, craft or other activity within the SMART class.

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