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Licensing SMART-4-Kidz, Ltd.

We'll educate, coach and train your trainers, supply class props, advertising and consulting services, and follow up at mid and final points of your programs for quality and research gathering. We’ll share in public relations and marketing programs to spread the word of your good work and SMART’s efficacy in helping children become happier, calmer and ready to learn.

We are flexible and will price fit to accommodate license duration and depth of market.


  • Class fee for Michael Portney and one Trainer for one full day.
  • 3-10 people to be trained
  • Annual license covers 2 classes per week (Mon/Wed, Tu/Th) for 8-10 weeks, 3 times in school year as representative model. This will accommodate 60 children.
  • 1 Copy of the SMART Training manual per teacher (reproduction beyond this is not permitted).
  • 4 customized SMART-4-Kidz class print ads.
  • Competency assessment and job description for use by your school in hiring trainers.
  • Minimum of 1 on-site visit by Michael Portney during the semester for Quality assessment and research.
  • Duration: one year, for one school as negotiated. Not transferable.
  • SMART logo to be included in all promotional materials

SMART-4-Kidz Class Training Manual
Complete with each pose and other directives and suggestions will be given to each teacher.

SMART-4-Kidz will supply 4 different sized ads customized to the District or individual school for use in parent mailers, bulletin board placements, newsletters, etc.

SMART-4-Kidz will conduct a competitive check for after school programs in your area and recommend a pricing and teacher payment schedule for your School District.

SMART-4-Kidz will supply a competency assessment and job description to aid you in your search for qualified teachers.


  • Travel Expenses from New York City for Michael Portney and one Trainer if necessary.
  • Matts and T-Shirts with SMART-4-Kidz Logo and your logo, through SMART-4-Kidz, Ltd.

Cooperative efforts to include all Press releases and possible Video of training and class for future promotional effort.

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